The Pamapol Capital Group operates in the meat and vegetable processing industry.

Pamapol S.A. is the parent company in the Capital Group and a leader of prepared meals in Poland. The company’s offer encompasses over 80 products - mainly prepared meals, but also tinned food, pâtés and prepared soups, both via traditional channels through wholesalers and in big retail networks.

At the end of 2005 the company took control of a leading domestic producer of peas and beans - Warmińskie Zakłady Przetwórstwa Owocowo Warzywnego in Kwidzyn, extending its product offer to include tinned and frozen vegetables. The company’s strategic plans take into account both organic development and the acquisition of significant entities in prospective food market segments.

In March 2007, Zakład Przetwórstwa Owocowo Warzywnego Ziębice was added to the Pamapol Capital Group, in which Pamapol S.A. holds 100 per cent of the shares. The takeover of ZPOW Ziębice strengthened the frozen and tinned vegetable segment of the Pamapol Group and made it possible to enter export markets in South Europe.

In May 2007 the Pamapol Capital Group grew to include a further entity – the company MitMar of Głowno. MitMar has been active in the agricultural food industry for over ten years. Its basic operations involve supplying raw materials to meat and fruit-and-vegetable processing plants, both on the Polish and foreign market.

In June 2007 further companies joined the Pamapol Capital Group: Cenos of Września and Galaxia of Wieluń (currently Września). In December 2012 Pamapol S.A. sold the company Cenos Sp. z o.o.

In June 2007 Pamapol S.A. acquired 100 per cent of the shares in the company Huta Szkła Sławno. The basic product of the glassworks will be glass jars and bottles of various volumes, and its main customer will be the Pamapol Group.

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